Faith Rose Melody

Hello! My name is Faith Rose Melody. I’m a major in Speech and Communication, and I’m the captain of my school’s speech and debate club! I’m a hard worker and am always studying to get the best results I can! I don’t like losing, so I do everything I can to stop myself from doing so! But I swear, I’m a nice person! I just get really competitive with speech and debate. Especially against my rival, Su. I can’t stand her! She’s the worst! Off-topic, sorry! I’m a very religious person! I believe in God’s word as much as my family does, and I believe he has a plan for everyone, including me. I believe I discovered my sexuality as a lesbian for a reason. And I’m sure I’ll find out soon. It’s great that I have the support of my friends!

Pronouns: she/her 

Ethnicity: White American

Sexuality: Lesbian

Age: 20

Birthday: February 12th

Star sign: Aquarius

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