Pearl Amaya

Hi! My name is Pearl Amaya! What’s up? I’m a student at Escuela University majoring in English! I’m hoping to be a writer of some sort once I graduate. Writing what, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll figure it out! I like to think of myself as a likable gal. I’m quiet around new people, but around the people, I know best I’m always lively and eager to talk to them! I kind of have trouble socializing though. I’ve been diagnosed with ADD for most of my life. It’s hard to keep still or stay focused, but I do my best to break from that. I fall for people really easily. It’s already hard enough to find other girls who like girls, it’s another when I’m about as romantic as a lawnmower. Still, I never want to give up on hope! I’ll get there… eventually… 

Pronouns: she/her (closested they/them)

Ethnicity: Mexican-American

Sexuality: Lesbian

Age: 21

Birthday: July 29th

Star sign: Leo

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