The Official Site of Alberto Varela

Artist, writer, graphic novelist

Alberto Varela is a graphic novelist and artist who makes colorful art and is working on the debut of his first original graphic novel series. It centers around a group of friends with various queer identities who support one another as they endure troubling relationships and the discovery of their own identities. As an openly bisexual man, Alberto wants to create a cast of likable characters with relatable journies and personal experiences that show the world the many different struggles of being LGBTQ+ youth. When he’s not coming up with different ideas and stories for his original characters, Alberto likes drawing fanart of his favorite video games series, like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Pokemon.

Featured Work

Alberto’s most recent fanart of one of his favorite video game franchises, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It’s a tribute to a childhood friendship that’s stronger than ever as the two grew older.

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