Friends Forever

In the Ace Attorney games, Trucy and Pearl are canonically best friends. The game even says they’re “practically sisters”. That connection is why Alberto finds Trucy and Pearl’s relationship to be so engaging. They’re long-time best friends who have grown up together, and the way they always support and love each other is the kind of friendship that never ceases to make Alberto smile. That’s why this piece shows their initial childhood relationship until their young adult selves, their friendship stronger than ever.

Alberto did a bit of experimenting with this piece. He’s used to drawing one to two people on the same plane, but four in different planes was a different story. He always gets dissatisfied with having two sketches overlap because it makes him confused about where he’s supposed to draw. For this piece, he took it upon himself to do the childhood selves and the young adult selves separately, editing the overlapping elements in once both parts were complete. He also messed around with opacities and filters, to give the piece a light, flashback-esque feel.

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