Next To You

Alberto loves nighttime aesthetics. Something about the cool, dark hours is really enticing to him, and the quiet melancholy of a lonely night is something truly magical and emotional. Alberto wanted to capture the melancholy of the night, taking the characters Trucy and Pearl and putting them in an embrace, lulled to sleep as they peacefully float across the stars.

The idea of this piece of art came from a song Alberto really liked called “Next To You” by Little Big Town. It’s a slow burn song that builds and builds into a grand, beautiful climax, and the overall sound reminded Alberto of a lonely night. The song itself is about the song’s protagonist feeling depressed and anxious, but feeling more at peace when their partner lies next to them. It’s the sense of romantic connection and the quiet, yet emotional nature of the song that gave Alberto this image of two people in an embrace, resting among the stars.

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