This was the first piece where Alberto implemented something new in his art. While watching another artist’s speedpaint, he noticed the way she used a masking layer to color in her lines and give her art more color. Alberto had tried this before, but he wasn’t successful at it. He decided to try again for this piece, and it worked tremendously well in the long run. Now his art had a softer style and it stood out to his friends when he posted it.

This was the first piece Alberto drew after an artists’ block earlier that month. Concentrating on work and school meant he didn’t find time to make art or draft up any comic ideas. And then quarantine happened. The world felt uncertain and afraid, many forced to go back home without work or friends. Alberto knew he couldn’t do anything, so the least he could do was give something peaceful and comforting to keep everyone’s spirits up. Which is why he chose a gentle scene of Pearl planting flowers over a bright, clear sky.

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