Maggie is another character from Alberto’s original comic series. She’s Pearl’s cousin and identifies as pansexual. An important detail about Maggie is that she’s a non-binary trans woman. This means she doesn’t have a specified gender but leans more toward being a woman. She was also assigned male at birth but has been taking HRT medication to give her more feminine characteristics. Trans representation is very important to Alberto because trans people are some of the most important people in his life. Highlighting them as everyday people with their own unique struggles will normalize trans people in media.

Alberto didn’t really have an initial idea for this piece when he first came up with it. He sketched Maggie one day and liked the design so much, he decided to make it a full illustration. When he finished Maggie herself, Alberto decided to put her in a sort of starry night, playing around with ideas for backgrounds and how Maggie would fit in that atmosphere.

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